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Judy Greene's pottery is produced using traditional skills of craft-potters. Judy's workshop is situated in her adopted city of Galway in the west of Ireland - a unique urban center with a lively "town atmosphere" housing a cosmopolitan diversity of craftworkers and artists.
A complete range of functional and decorative earthenware. All of our products are individually handpainted in our workshop. Our shop in Kirwin's Lane, Galway carries a full display of our products.

Judy Greene Pottery was established in 1982 in the heart of medieval Galway specialising in hand thrown terracotta, depicting Irish flora and landscape. Judy's signature range and best loved is her bluebell design. Her extensive collection includes dinner ware, lighting, bathroom pieces and flower pots, in fact, something for every room in the home. Other patterns include fuschia, wildflowers, iris, gentian, montbreshia and primrose.

 Salad Bowl (small)

4" x 9"
Ideal as serving dish or salads
47.50 ($0.00)
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 Garlic Pot

4" x 4"
Unglazed on inside to absorb smells
19.95 ($0.00)
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