skutt kmt 1227 3 kiln

Skutt KMT-1227-3 Kiln Details Review & FAQs

If you’re a ceramic artist, then you know that a high-quality kiln is essential to your work. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Skutt KMT-1227-3 kiln. This kiln is packed with features that make it ideal for any ceramic artist, from beginners to professionals.

The Skutt KMT-1227-3 kiln is a top-loading kiln with a 12″ x 27″ firing chamber. It has a 3″ brick wall and can reach temperatures up to 2,000°F. The kiln also features a drop-down door for easy loading and unloading of your pieces.

One of the best features of the Skutt KMT-1227-3 kiln is the included KilnMaster controller. This controller gives you precise temperature control, so you can fire your pieces to perfection every time. The controller also has a hold feature, which allows you to hold your pieces at a certain temperature for a period of time. This is perfect for when you need to glaze your pieces or do any other type of post-firing work. If you’re looking for a high-quality kiln, the Skutt KMT-1227-3 is a great option.

The Skutt KMT-1227-3 Kiln

skutt kmt 1227 3 kiln



The Skutt KM-1231PK is a powerful and durable electric kiln that is perfect for high volume production. With its KilnMaster controller, it is able to reach Cone 10 with a full load, making it one of the most powerful on the market. It is also UL listed and comes with a 2 year warranty. The new lid lifter makes it easy to lift the lid and detension the kiln, and the kiln remains fully sectional for easy moving and repairs.

Features we love

  • The KilnMaster controller built in
  • Encapsulated Type K thermocouple
  • Mercury Relays
  • Industrial gauge wiring
  • Compression connectors on feeder wires

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Skutt KMT-1227-3 Kiln?

The KMT-1227-3 is a high-performance kiln that is specifically designed for use in glass fusing and slumping applications. It is capable of reaching temperatures up to 2000°F, making it perfect for creating beautiful fused glass art.

What are the dimensions of the KMT-1227-3?

The KMT-1227-3 has an outside dimension of 27” x 27” x 12”, and a firing chamber of 20” x 20” x 8”.

How much does the KMT-1227-3 weigh?

The KMT-1227-3 weighs approximately 145 lbs.

What type of electrical service does the KMT-1227-3 require?

The KMT-1227-3 requires a 208-240 volt, single-phase, 60 Hz electrical service. It is important to note that this kiln must be connected to a properly grounded outlet.

What kind of warranty does the KMT-1227-3 come with?

The KMT-1227-3 comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

How do I control the temperature of the KMT-1227-3?

The KMT-1227-3 features an electronic controller that allows you to set and maintain the desired temperature.

What are the temperature settings for the KMT-1227-3?

The KMT-1227-3 can reach temperatures up to 2000°F.

What is the maximum firing time for the KMT-1227-3?

The KMT-1227-3 has a maximum firing time of 60 minutes.

How do I know when the KMT-1227-3 has reached the desired temperature?

The KMT-1227-3 features a digital display that will show the current kiln temperature.

What should I do if I experience a power outage while the KMT-1227-3 is in use?

In the event of a power outage, the KMT-1227-3 will automatically shut off. Once power has been restored, you can simply restart the kiln.


The Skutt KMT-1227-3 kiln is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, durable, and reliable kiln. It is easy to use and maintain, and it produces consistent results. It is an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced users alike.

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